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Cause-and-effect junkies.



About Peraffic Online lead generation specialists


Peraffic ... ViAGO ... COGITA


Peraffic is a trademark of ViAGO Limited, and Peraffic is ViAGO's team of online lead generation specialists. ViAGO is a member of the COGITA Group of Companies.



1. Building your future


You can predict that we will be part of your future.


Meaning what?


Meaning that 20 years ago if you had put $1 into the bank and put $1 into a partnership with ViAGO, you would have predicted that your $1 in the bank would have accumulated interest; you could also have predicted that your $1 with ViAGO would have accumulated sales, earnings and equity, and that you'd still be finding new ways to build your future in partnership with ViAGO. Meaning that ViAGO has stood the test of time. Meaning that the company founder, owners and leaders support the company's mission, vision and 7 points of culture passionately. Meaning that ViAGO's shareholders have put ViAGO on autopilot to ensure uninterrupted service for the next 20 years.


Peraffic is the ViAGO solution to understanding the mysterious world of Internet Marketing, where cause-and-effect is blurry at best, foggy at worse, and experts seem to be constantly in disarray and disagreement as to what works and what does not.



2. Causality gurus


In ViAGO, we are cause-and-effect junkies. We don't like foggy logic and we don't like risk. We want our solutions to be as reliable as gravity. If you let the apple go, it will drop to the ground. If you install the ViAGO manufacturing solution in your factory, output will go up. And if you commission a Peraffic Online Marketing Campaign... you will get more leads online.


Peraffic's genesis was an internal ViAGO project in 2007. Many ViAGO clients had improved manufacturing, delivery, and/or distribution effectiveness to the point where they had so much excess capacity that they were tempted to drop prices to increase sales but that would reduce margins counter-productive to the goal of increasing effectiveness and efficiency. So instead, we helped them increase marketing effectiveness to grow sales... but increasingly, we were forced to consider the internet as a significant source of leads... and everywhere we turned for advice, we got conflicting and confusing recommendations.


So we set up a skunk-works project. Over 18 months we purchased internet marketing solutions from around the world, sorted the hype from the substance, and reverse-engineered the most reliable systems to understand the cause-and-effect relationships between the actions taken and the effects created, and rebuilt from the ground up a completely new and unique solution, based on "reliable as gravity" causality.


More than $200,000 later, ViAGO had tested, proven and released the 2008 version of the Peraffic system. A few sales-hungry ViAGO clients immediately become Peraffic clients. Through 2009 and 2010, Google expert Bryce England and ViAGO Founder James Powell (returning from retirement) worked tirelessly to improve the speed and effectiveness of the core Peraffic System, while the ViAGO/Peraffic team have introduced more and more clients (both ViAGO clients and new Peraffic clients) to online lead generation, the Peraffic way.


The first few Peraffic clients (2008) are still receiving leads, every week, from their online marketing campaigns. Those first few clients have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales from their partnership with Peraffic. And whenever sales improve sufficiently to put a strain on the business' ability to deliver, the ViAGO team can step in to assist with organisational effectiveness and efficiency.



3. Specialists


ViAGO is a specialist in extremely fast installations of constraint-based logistics solutions: for manufacturing, distribution, marketing, sales and project management. ViAGO's cause-and-effect specialists ensure highly reliable, fast, safe installations of organisational change.


Peraffic consultants are certified Theory of Constraints (TOC) cause-and-effect specialists. The Peraffic technical team is lead by our Google-certified AdWords professional, Bryce England.


ViAGO is a private company, founded by James Powell and supported by a majority shareholder, COGITA, ensuring longevity and strong leadership. COGITA's Founder Mr Uluomatootua (Ulu) Aiono (ONZM | Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit) dreamed up ViAGO in 1994 from a desire to offer high-value, fast and effective logistics solutions to clients, based on COGITA's early and spectacular success with TOC.



4. Unreasonable? Don't you worry about that!


ViAGO's clients' have unreasonable expectations. And many regard ViAGO as the only consulting firm they can talk to, that treats unreasonable requests as routine. Peraffic applies that same unreasonableness to Internet Marketing...


Is it reasonable to expect to rank in the top three places of a Google search for a proven high-traffic keyword... within 24 hours?


Is it reasonable to expect a completely new website to be up and running, from scratch, and pull its first email enquiry from a potential customer... within 3 days?


Is it reasonable to routinely outperform ANY OTHER source of leads, dollar for dollar, by 3x, 5x or even 10x?


At Peraffic, we agree it's unreasonable to expect these things but we don't worry about that, and neither should you... Peraffic will deliver to your expectations. We like tough assignments, and we don't like to fail. We take on the hard stuff, and we win. And with over 90% of our assignments being fixed-price... if it does get unreasonably difficult, no matter for what reason, that's our problem to solve, no worries for you.



5. Innovative & systematic


Did you read that heading?


Yep, we are both innovative and systematic.


Here's how: innovation is continuous, but isolated from the routine, systematic, installation and development projects. We continuously test and develop adjustments to our processes, and then integrate only the proven advances into our production processes.


A few clients volunteers to alpha-test and beta-test any changes (if live production testing is required) in order to get earliest access to the improvements, and once things are really cooking, our procedures and systems get updated to include the improvements.




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