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Peraffic is a trademark of ViAGO Limited, and Peraffic is ViAGO's team of online lead generation specialists. ViAGO is a member of the COGITA Group of Companies.


In 2013 the COGITA organisation will be thirty years old and will have recruited people for three decades in the COGITA way so as to suit the leadership ethic and belief systems established by the COGITA Founder.


As a generational company COGITA began systematising and extending its internal leadership supply chain in 2006.


Established in 1983 COGITA has been on autopilot since 2006. Autopilot is an entrepreneurial leadership system created by COGITA's founding shareholders to ensure that COGITA will continue its services, to clients, in future generations.


In 2006 ViAGO Limited went onto autopilot as well.


When Peraffic was formed, it did so under the guidance of COGITA’s and ViAGO’s leaders, and in the domain of ViAGO’s Business Pilot, Mr Peter Thorby.



This means that Peraffic operates under the day to day leadership (business autopilot) of a highly qualified and experienced leader (pilot), handpicked and continually evaluated in a transformational process by COGITA's Founding Shareholders.


To buffer against variability caused by the Pilot's decisions, the Autopilot leadership system includes the participative analyses and recommendations from the COGITA Group's Financial Controller. The Pilot and Financial Controller evaluate their strategies, decisions and commercial performance using COGITA's proprietary financial dashboard: The Granary. It is The Granary that closes the corporate performance loop, at COGITA, by providing feedback to the Pilots and the Founding Shareholders so as to determine performance bonuses and financial buffer/asset management.


The Autopilot leadership system and The Granary are part of COGITA's intellectual property.


Working under individual charters since 2006 with complementary accountabilities & responsibilities for operating COGITA so as to satisfy COGITA clients and win new ones, the pilots in the COGITA Group are an extension of COGITA's leadership supply chain.



Designed by the COGITA Founder the COGITA Autopilot leadership system helps to ensure self sustaining leadership so that all companies in the COGITA Group and their services will continue into future generations independently of the Founding Shareholders.


As the COGITA Group's operating leadership team, the various company Pilots meet with the Founding Shareholders every month to review and, if necessary, approve modifications to the COGITA Group's operations after considering monthly operating reports and statements.


Most businesses or departments can be put on auto pilot. To find out more about putting your business or organisation on autopilot, click here and send us a short eMail.




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