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Free Traffic Report

Don't try to create a wave; find a wave and stand in front of it!



Are people searching online for a business like yours?


Much of the search traffic online is non-commercial – that is, people searching for information which they expect to get for free. Once someone starts searching for a solution they are willing to pay for, we call that commercial traffic.


A Free Traffic Report assesses the volumes of traffic relevant to your business, and raises the question – is this traffic commercial, and is it commercially viable?



Your business website is not a lead generation engine


Most businesses build a website and then try to get traffic for it.


Wrong approach.


This is a most inefficient, ineffective and expensive way to generate leads.


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Show the business versus do the business


SHOW the business with your main website – your online brochure


Your business needs a "Brochure" website, such as...




... which is your main business website. Yes, we agree; we have no problem with that at all. This is the website that SHOWS your business. Your home page is the one people find when they Google your business name, or navigate directly from an address on your printed material.


DO the business with your landing pages – your online marketing fliers


You ALSO need "online marketing fliers" – ideally with their own domain names:




... and those fliers (called landing pages) are designed with one purpose in mind: get a potential customer to declare themselves. And to build an effective landing page, FIRST you must find traffic.



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Traffic first, then landing pages


Yes, find the traffic, and then write the landing page. Don't write the page and then try to drive traffic to it. Find a wave that's already there, and stand in front of it.


How do you find the traffic?


Well, you can do some keyword research yourself, but we know most people make some crucial mistakes when they do this:


  • Assuming more is better: actually, there is a "sweet spot" for keyword traffic – so a keyword with 100,000 searches per month may be tempting, but inappropriate, compared to a keyword with much less traffic (read more about traffic sweet spots...)
  • Lumping terms together: you may know that in your industry a "final destination" is the same as a "terminal destination", however if Google thinks "final destination" is about a film by that name, and "terminal destination" is about a train station, you'd better not mix those keywords on the same page!
  • Using industry terms: you might call it a "double glazing retrofit", but if the searchers are calling it a "double glazing upgrade" then a page about retrofits will pull no traffic, while your competitor steals the market with a page about double glazing upgrades!


So, why get a professional to do the traffic report on your behalf? When you've done as many traffic reports as we have, dodging the above mistakes is second nature. There is an obstacle though: we do not know your business as well as you do, and we could misunderstand some of the industry terminology – that's why we ask for a little more information on the request form below.



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The Free Traffic Report...


Your Free Traffic Report rates your online lead generation potential on this scale:


  • Strong YES: if you don't go ahead, we think you're nuts! This category is reserved for Free Traffic Reports where traffic has risen to commercial levels and your competitors haven't noticed yet – or some have but there's still room for you – resulting in a no-brainer conclusion: the traffic is there for the harvesting, and if you get in now, you have a competitive advantage that will last for years
  • Maybe YES: there's traffic, it's solid, and there are people like you already advertising to attract that traffic. The secret to harvesting this traffic is finding your niche – your sweet spot. It's lower risk in that obviously other people like you are already investing, but that is offset by the increased cost-per-click (due to the competition bidding for keywords). Your Peraffic Consultant will help you find a few starter niches for your Traffic Trial. Why "Maybe YES"? Well, we are conservative. We want you to think about it carefully before you spend money. By calling it "Maybe YES", we make sure you are being a healthy sceptic!
  • Cautious NO: something is missing – maybe the traffic is a bit low, the competition is a bit high, the cost-per-click is a bit high or the keywords raise concerns for us. We say "cautious" because you know your industry and the value of the leads to you (for example, a customised robotics manufacturer might only need a few leads each month, so low traffic is not an issue). Your Peraffic Consultant will explain the risks and help you decide if a Traffic Trial is right for you. If it's not appropriate to proceed, it is wise to check again every 9-12 months – because every month, traffic is rising, and more and more people are turning to Google first. A few years ago, I would never have used Google to find a plumber; now, that's the first place I go. When your industry becomes "Googled", you need to get onto it quickly. So talk with your Peraffic Consultant about an annual Free Traffic Trial Re-check.


Once your Free Traffic Report is ready, your Peraffic Consultant will contact you, and if you decide to go ahead with a Peraffic Traffic Trial, will help you choose the keywords sets that will drive traffic to your landing pages.



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So... what's a landing page?


Once again, landing pages are designed with one purpose in mind: to get a potential customer to declare themselves. You are on a landing page right now!


You see, if you have this PROBLEM:


You want more sales


And to solve this problem you want:


More leads


And to get more leads you'd like:


More inbound enquiries



Contact us using the form below and request a Free Report!


But wait! A word of warning... It's not about tricks, it's not about the hard sell, and it's not about hype. Keep it real...


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It's about clearly articulating how YOUR product or service MEETS A NEED.


If you can show a visitor that you can credibly meet their needs, a good percentage will respond favourably – by making an enquiry.




Reduce the risk


If you make it as risk free as possible, even more will respond.


For example...


Fear of being called by a stranger – especially a salesperson


Here's one reason YOU might not submit the form below: we might contact you!


(And you are not ready for that yet.)


If you are not ready to talk to a professional about lead generation, then it's well and good that you don't request a free report – you don’t waste our time and we don't waste yours!


Instead, you could do some free online keyword research, and learn a bit more about lead generation. If that's you, do some research, first, and then request your free report.



Distrust – especially online


Another reason you might not submit the form: you don't know or trust us (yet)!


If you need to get to know us a bit better, or you need to research us some more, or you need to more clearly understand your problem and how we might help you solve it, then now is not the right time to be making personal contact!


Instead, you could do some free online keyword research, learn a bit more about lead generation, or even read some case studies.


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Add filters


So a landing page is designed to ensure that appropriate people make appropriate contact.


In our case, you're appropriate (i.e. you are a potential future customer) if:


You want to generate leads, online, and


You’re willing to pay for professional help with that (if there is appropriate traffic for your business)


If that is you, and you are ready to talk, then...


Submit the form below and we will make contact with you to help you organise your free report.



Free Traffic Report Request Form


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Business name:

Business website (if any):

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Keywords: tell us what search terms you think people might be using (what they might type into a Google search), to find your products and services, IF they DO NOT already know your business name. * Required

Any otherinformation which could be useful in preparing your Free Traffic Report:



We will acknowledge your enquiry within hours (that's a personal response, not an email auto-responder).



  • A local or regional Peraffic Consultant may contact you to clarify the requirements for your Free Traffic Report, and answer any question you may have raised, and/or
  • Our technical team will email you advising the date your Free Traffic Report will be ready, and then:
  • A few days before your report is ready, we will contact you to make a Skype, telephone or in-person appointment with you...
  • At that appointment, we will review your Free Traffic Report with you, answer your questions, and assist you in deciding the next step that's right for you.


This is a NO OBLIGATION process – and of course you are free to keep the report for future reference.




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