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No secret sauce


Google do not want your Google marketing consultant to bamboozle you with "secret magic". That's the domain of the old advertising companies, and Google won't play that game. Google wants your advertising to work for you.


So, they have provided, FREE, access to a powerful tool, which you can use to ensure that your investment is directed at the most profitable keywords.


It's called the AdWords Keyword Tool.


Now if you're already an AdWords user, you have access to the full (fancier) version, but there is a public version too, that does not require you to be logged in to a Google account.


You can find it here: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal


If you open the above link in a New Tab / Window, then you can switch back and forth to follow the instructions below, while you use the tool.



Before you begin


There are three things to check before using the tool (highlighted in red in the image below):


  • The language and currency are correct for your country (this is an overall setting for this session of your use of the AdWords tools)
  • The location and language you are interested in for your keyword research (this relates to the search you are about to do)
  • The funny distorted words that are there to ensure that you are a human, and not a piece of software trying to steal Google's valuable data type the two words you see into the text box below them



(click to see a larger image)



Once you've done those three things, you can (using the areas highlighted in blue):


        Check the local and global traffic on any keyword

        Find out what Google thinks your website is about


That second option is sometimes a real shock for example we once discovered that Google incorrectly thought that a site about contemporary art was about diet pills! No wonder they got a lot of traffic... but no enquiries.


Assume nothing ask the keyword tool!


We use the same tool (when logged into a Google AdWords account the tools has a few extra features, but it's basically the same) and we are happy to teach you how to use it properly no charge! Your Peraffic Consultant will show you what to do.







A few cautionary notes: most people make some crucial mistakes when traffic hunting:


  • Mistake #1: Assuming more is better. Actually, there is a "sweet spot" for keyword traffic so a keyword with 100,000 searches per month may be tempting, but inappropriate, compared to a keyword with much less traffic (read more about traffic sweet spots...)
  • Mistake #2: Lumping terms together. You may know that in your industry a "final destination" is the same as a "terminal destination", however if Google thinks "final destination" is about a film by that name, and "terminal destination" is about a train station, you'd better not mix those keywords on the same page!
  • Mistake #3: Using industry terms. You might call it a "double glazing retrofit", but if the searchers are calling it a "double glazing upgrade" then your page about retrofits will pull no traffic, while your competitor steals the market with a page about double glazing upgrades! (True story)



Happy hunting!


Make a start; find some niches that look promising.


Make a list of keywords you think could work for your business, and then request a Free Traffic Report or book a free consultation.




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