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An endless stream of qualified appointments.



If only it were easy...


Many businesses do not have to hunt for clients. They don't have to "make the sale".


For example; a supermarket rarely "makes a sale". Many times the customer decided to buy before they entered the store. The sale was largely already made.


Another example; you stagger into a medical centre with your bleeding child in your arms... that sale too, is already made.


Other examples: consumer purchases from dentists, plumbers, electricians, mechanics; not always, but sometimes, the sale is already made. When I call a plumber, it's always an emergency, and I honestly don't need to be sold to. Sure, your price will need to be "in the ball park", but I'm not expecting (and don't want) a sales presentation.


What this means is: your salespeople may not be in the habit of selling; they are responding to an invitation to purchase.



So what?


Well, when you get your first email enquiries, you will respond as many people do: you'll answer the enquiry, make a phone call or two, and then sit back to wait for the lead to get back to you and complete their purchase.


That does not work, with online enquiries.


Here is a good rule of thumb:


  1. One third of the enquiries are price-sensitive tyre-kickers who are shopping around and don't care about your overall value proposition... if that's ok by you, fine, chase them; but don't expect a high hit rate.
  2. One third of the enquiries realise (after your initial feedback), that they are talking to the wrong company; they drift away and go elsewhere. Let them go.
  3. One third of the enquiries are "spot on"; they are right for you, and you are right for them... BUT...


They don't know you, or trust you, yet.


If you don't pour on the love, they will forget you. And go elsewhere.


If you are serious about an enquiry in this third category, your hit rate will be very high... but your process may need some improvement.



The most common feedback I hear after explaining this, is this: "You're right! After the third follow up call, the prospect told me I was the only one following up, so I'd be getting the job".


Online leads, need attention


Now, if you are TOO BUSY to do all this follow up (and that's not a bad thing: busy making money, I hope), Peraffic can help you.


We have a Follow Up team. A team who specialise in building trust with your prospect after the initial contact from you, which may answer technical or pricing questions, and organising, once appropriate, a proper sales conversation with you. That may be a meeting in person or by phone, once the prospect is ready to buy.


In some cases, we can close the deal for you and arrange for you to deliver the appropriate goods or services.



Of course there's a charge for this extra service, and you'll need to talk to your Peraffic Consultant to ensure it's an appropriate solution for your situation.



An endless stream of qualified appointments


If you are speaking with a Peraffic Consultant right now (reviewing your Traffic Trial results), they will assist you in setting up an Ongoing Campaign including Lead Management.


To speak with a Peraffic Consultant, click here to book a consultation!




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