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Education is the best provision for old age.



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At Peraffic, we like to get paid to deliver effects. And particularly to deliver effects that you cannot do yourself, or it would be uneconomic for you to do so (because our skills and experience make us faster and more effective). We DO NOT want to get paid because we "know a secret". Or worse, because we have kept a secret from you.


If you're the kind of person who likes to "look under the hood" before you buy something, then you're in the right place!


This learning section of the site is jammed with useful stuff to help you understand what we do and how we do it. It's not a full and complete HOW TO manual that would fill about 300 pages but it's a good enough introduction.



Learn about...


Keyword Research. Learn how to use the free AdWords Keyword Tool to do some research yourself. Many of the "ah-hah" and "oh dear" moments can be found with an hour or two of keyword hunting using this tool.


Traffic Sweet Spots. More traffic is not always better. Find out why, and how to use the AdWords Keyword Tool to target the right traffic volumes.


Lead Generation. Learn more about online lead generation, and why it's easier than ever before (and we mean: ever in human history) to succeed in marketing and lead generation.


Technical Manuals. While developing the first edition of the Peraffic system, we wrote a series of 8 technical discussion papers... if you are really obsessed with knowing even more about how we get results so fast, you can buy these for $27.


Case Studies. Learn what other Peraffic clients have achieved with online lead generation.


Value Proposition. Learn more about the commercial viability of Peraffic services; what you are actually buying, what you are NOT buying, why it's a "marketing programme" not a "new website".




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