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"You're messing with the magic!"



Marketing and Sales are not new disciplines


For thousands of years, mankind has been peddling wares. And advertising to generate leads has probably been going on since writing was invented.


Word of mouth can be a big lead generator, and volumes have been written on how to increase word of mouth. Here, we are talking about lead generation online.


And internet marketing is NOT "different"


You may have been told that marketing online is special, new, unique or different somehow to offline marketing.


Rubbish. Buyers are still buying, the way they always did. And you have to do the work to attract enquiries like you always did. No shortcuts, no magic tricks.


The basic cause-and-effect has not changed. Company brochures are still company brochures (online they are company websites), marketing fliers are still marketing fliers (online they are landing pages), and so on.



There is one thing about internet marketing though, that makes it EASIER than ever before...


For the first time ever in history, an advertiser can find out what actually happened to their advertising dollar:


  • How many people saw the ad headline (the sponsored link)
  • How many followed the ad (clicked) to take a look at the sales pitch (landing page)
  • How many people lingered over the pitch, and how many drifted away
  • How many responded by expressing interest (filling in an enquiry form)


And most exciting of all: what keywords they were searching for that triggered all of that.


And armed with that information, a dedicated advertiser can go in hot pursuit of the most lucrative traffic!



Trial and error have massively reduced


No longer do you have to design a print ad and pay thousands to put it in a magazine, and then wonder what happened and not know why it worked (if it did) or why it didn't work (if it didn't).


Lead generation online, thanks to Google AdWords, has "messed with the magic". Advertising companies have tried to stop Google because the magic of advertising was that customers would spend big bucks trying (and mostly failing) to find out what works. This made advertising agencies a lot of money (remember Yellow Pages?) and now Google has ruined it all!


By putting the power back into YOUR hands, and telling you the TRUTH.


But we humans are a funny lot. You see, even with all that power in our hands, we still follow our old habits! Many people throw away thousands of dollars on AdWords, and don't read the manual first! They spend thousands on web design and don't tune their landing pages! Or don't even use landing pages! Spending thousands and not understanding the results!


And then, sadly, they conclude: "It doesn't work; it's as bad as the old offline methods".



That's why Peraffic exists


Back in 2007, 2008 and 2009 we spend thousands of hours, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, getting to the bottom of the cause-and-effect of online lead generation.


Our first ten clients have made over $1m in sales, collectively, from enquiries produced by their Peraffic campaigns.


That's over $100,000 in sales, each, off an average investment of less than $5,000.


You can do this too... if you put the time and money into getting good at it.


Or you can ask us for help.


It's up to you.



One more thing...


If you are going to have a go yourself, we have an old set of technical manuals which we used for internal training back in 2009. They are slightly dated (the latest Google changes in 2010 and 2011 are not included) but if you're a beginner, those subtleties probably aren't important anyway...


(No, you cannot have our latest internal training manuals... well not for this price anyway!)


You can buy the entire set of PDF files for just $27, click here to find out more.




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