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Friday 18 May 2012

Online reports

Peraffic reports can now be viewed online

By James Powell


From next week, all new Peraffic Traffic Reports will viewable online.


This will assist you in reviewing your report with your Peraffic Consultant, and in showing your report to other stakeholders in your business.


To access your report you'll choose Support from the main menu above, and then click on the link under the heading Authorised Access Area.


You'll need your Report ID and an Access Code, which will be emailed to you.




Thursday 17 May 2012

New Pages

The new Peraffic pages (this news page and the new support page) have been released

By James Powell


I guess a News page is fairly self-explanatory... we will use our news articles to release items of interest, and to answer questions posed by clients.


Check back from time to time, to see what's new!




Tuesday 15 May 2012

Spam attacks

Anti-spam filters need upgrading again

By James Powell


To protect our client from all the junk, spam and porn that arrives once new websites are spotted by spam robots, we have four levels of anti-span defence.


The last line of defence is human review; unfortunately this prevents us auto-forwarding emails to clients, slowing the process down. So itís in our interest, and yours, to have a clean spam barrier, and activate auto-forwarding.


In the past three weeks the spam rates have rocketed up, as spammers have found another new way past our defences. A new line of defence is being crafted to combat this. In the meantime, all messages are human-checked, introducing a delay of a few hours.





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