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Our Promise


We promise we will honour our 7 points of culture.


Many of our clients will tell you that we are fantastic. That is because we are good at our specialty and we make it our business to improve. A few clients will say that we are awful. That is because we make mistakes. Since ViAGO's establishment in 1995, we have, unfortunately, repeated some of our mistakes. And our company leaders have led us to negotiate, with the affected supplier, or customer, so as to provide acceptable services and/or fixes and/or actions and/or products sufficient to make good the mistakes.


So, how will you be treated when you become a ViAGO/Peraffic client?


We invite you to ask.


And your Peraffic Consultant will introduce you to clients who will tell you about our strengths and weaknesses. Our clients will tell you whether Peraffic honours its commitments. And if so, to what degree Peraffic honours its commitments despite unforeseen and adverse events.



Lasting business partnership with Peraffic is an enduring working relationship with long term benefits from trust, security and peace of mind. Our first Peraffic client, Post Form Laminating, is still a key client today.


But it is not an error free relationship. Ethical companies and people of integrity make mistakes. For example a supplier might provide Peraffic with a faulty product or service which Peraffic supplies or installs for you; or a Peraffic sub contractor might fail to perform a task properly - causing negative effects in a service that Peraffic has performed for you; or a Peraffic person might make a mistake with serious effects for, you, the client.


If Peraffic lets you down or disappoints you then please give your Peraffic Consultant the chance to address the problem and resolve it fairly. You are not limited to dealing with your usual Peraffic contacts. If Peraffic disappoints you, and you cannot get satisfaction through your usual channels, then the Directors of ViAGO invite you to contact them by sending them a short email (click here). Your short email will go directly to ViAGO's Company Founder.


In its lasting business partnerships, Peraffic takes all the risks appropriate to its partnership role including the risk of "making good;" and client-partners fulfil their role by investing the appropriate resources and patience.



If you find or believe that Peraffic fails to honour the 7 Points of Culture, or that Peraffic deliberately lets you down, or does not do what it says, then please report your concern by phoning the ViAGO Founder, day or night, on his personal mobile: +64 21 545 630 or send him an email using the facility on this site.




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