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"If you're not willing to read the manual, get off the internet..."



"If you're not willing to read the manual, get off the internet..."


Who would dare make such an outrageous statement?


Is there a user manual for the internet?

Sadly, NO.


Is there a user manual for online advertising?

Actually, YES!


The team at Google AdWords, and internet marketers all over the world, have written hundreds of pages about how to advertise online.




Who do you trust?


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We trust Google


We trust "the big G".


We take everyone else's advice under advisement, with a dose of scepticism and so should you.


Most material online about internet marketing is written by internet marketers selling internet marketing "shortcuts" and "magic techniques" to other internet marketers.


So the first question you need to ask is: who is the intended audience?



We trust Google


We trust Google because Google's intended audience consists of the millions of companies who collectively are spending billions on AdWords each year.


And Google writes the software that routes the traffic to the landing pages of those advertisers. And Google is one of the most trusted companies on Earth.


Here's what we say to our new technical recruits:


  • Google's end user is the person searching despite the fact that the advertiser pays the bills: no searchers, no advertising and Google is very clear about that
  • If you try to cheat or trick Google, you are basing your client's business on a house of cards; don't do it
  • There's no need to be tricky Google have written the manual, just follow it!
  • If you follow the manual, the clicks are cheaper and you'll get more traffic... if you don't, Google will crank up the cost per click until you give up in frustration (or run out of money)
  • Our technical manuals extend the Google ones i.e. Google tells us what we must do, our manuals tell us how to do that cost-effectively for clients
  • Our clients don't read the Google manuals nor our internal manuals and as a result, even if they are already using AdWords, or they have used a non-certified AdWords consultant, they may think "it doesn't work" you will prove to them that it does work


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You can trust our Google certified experts


Before you can use the services of these Peraffic technical gurus, you must first meet, in person or by phone or by Skype, a Peraffic Consultant who will help you clear the prerequisites to a successful lead generation project.


A Peraffic Consultant is a professional, pre-sales support person, who helps you understand whether or not this service is appropriate for you.


Put simply: neither we, nor you, want to tie up valuable resources chasing an inappropriate objective. Since our services are mostly fixed price engagements, we don't want to start something we cannot finish not just finish, but finish with a WOW!


There is NO CHARGE for a consultation.


If you want to generate leads, online, and you are ready for a discussion about that, then...


Submit the form below and we will make contact with you to organise a free consultation.




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We will acknowledge your enquiry within hours (that's a personal response, not an email auto-responder).


Then, a local or regional Peraffic Consultant will contact you to discuss your lead generation requirements, or answer any question you may have about our services.




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