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Don't try to create a wave; find a wave and stand in front of it!



If you need online marketing flyers (that is; self-funding lead generation), then you are in the right place...


The first step is always to CHECK THE TRAFFIC.


Google provides a Free tool for checking traffic. Before we start any self-funding campaign, we must consult that tool to ensure there's enough traffic for keywords related to your business.


So, to get started, first you must order a Free Traffic Report using the form below...



Free Traffic Report Request Form


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Email Address:
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Best contact phone number:
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Business name:

Business website (if any):

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Keywords: tell us what search terms you think people might be using (what they might type into a Google search), to find your products and services, IF they DO NOT already know your business name. * Required

Any otherinformation which could be useful in preparing your Free Traffic Report:



We will acknowledge your enquiry within hours (that's a personal response, not an email auto-responder).



  • A local or regional Peraffic Consultant may contact you to clarify the requirements for your Free Traffic Report, and answer any question you may have raised, and/or
  • Our technical team will email you advising the date your Free Traffic Report will be ready, and then:
  • A few days before your report is ready, we will contact you to make a Skype, telephone or in-person appointment with you...
  • At that appointment, we will review your Free Traffic Report with you, answer your questions, and assist you in deciding the next step that's right for you.


This is a NO OBLIGATION process and of course you are free to keep the report for future reference.




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