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Self funding lead generation means:


If you don't like spending money on marketing, it's because you are not getting a good return...


When $1 spent produces $10 gained, that's a self-funding lead generator...



How self-funding lead generation works


Sometimes, online, you want to know more about a company or product...

Other times, you want to solve a problem and find someone who can help you...



To find out more about a company or product, you search for their "brochure style" web site...

To find someone who can solve your problem, you search for a "marketing flyer" (or special offer) web page...


Standard company websites (online brochures)

are INEFFECTIVE for Lead Generation

Lead Generation Pages

(online marketing flyers)

are HIGHLY EFFECTIVE for Lead Generation


So how come, online, almost everyone has a brochure web site and yet marketing flyers (known as "landing pages") are scarce?


The same reason marketing flyers are poorly used offline too: marketing flyers (and landing pages) require testing, measuring and tuning... Brochures (and websites) can be written once and left for years. It's simple logic that busy managers will invest in brochures first, and then rarely get around to the serious business of marketing flyers.


Your Peraffic Lead Generation System will change all that...



If you need a standard company website from an excellent web design company, we recommend you visit



If you need online marketing flyers (self-funding lead generation), then you are in the right place...

Click here to get started



WEBCUBE will ensure your company website does the job it's supposed to do: tell people more about your company and what you do.

Peraffic will ensure your online marketing flyers do the job they're supposed to do: generate leads for your business.



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