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Freedom fanatics know: business has to be Fun!



About Peraffic people


Peraffic people are passionate about business


Peraffic consultants are enthusiastic business people. We love business, we love performance, and we love freedom. We believe that a business on autopilot sets you free. And a business on autopilot needs good system and lead generation is possibly the most important system you'll invest in. Money comes from customers, and a reliable source of customers is essential for long-term success.



Peraffic people are quirky


Ordinary is contagious. Don't expect us to conform too much to typical, or ordinary, or normal practices. We cannot produce extra-ordinary, unreasonable results with ordinary, reasonable thinking. Our 7 Points of Culture set the standard for behaviour and ethics.


You did not get where you are today, if you are successful in business, by being the same as everyone else... neither did we.




Peraffic people are demanding


We set high standards, for each other and for our business partners and associates.


We prioritise mission team individual. If anything we do doesn't meet, or exceed, our collective high expectations, the team will swarm in to make good. If a client mission is under threat, it's all hands on deck to sort it out.



Peraffic people are qualified


All Peraffic Consultants are trained and certified in the Theory of Constraints problem-solving system.


Furthermore, your Peraffic technical team is lead by a Google-certified AdWords professional (always check your internet marketer's Google qualifications or expertise many people say they are qualified... but if they don't have the Google link, they are NOT certified by Google):


Indivduals who have earned qualification status and passed the Google Certified Partner Exam: 1
Bryce England, Team leader, Google Adwords Qualified - Search Advertising < click the link to go to the Google certification page.



Peraffic people like to win


Sometimes in business and in life, things just don't go to plan. It happens. Peraffic people don't like to see, or participate in failure; when the going gets tough, we get persistent, and we get creative. Those are two words our clients often use to describe us. We don't give up, we like to win and we like you to win.




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