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Marketing always seems risky... and...


"Online, nothing is guaranteed..."


We disagree – results CAN be guaranteed with online marketing. In fact, online is the least risky form of marketing, because:


Your marketing is based on results and the data is in real-time


But there's a catch (of course, there always is)...


There are two reasons it is difficult to offer a guarantee with online marketing, and if you understand those two reasons, then you can minimise your risk:


  • Reason #1: The cause-and-effect may not be understood
  • Reason #2: The traffic may not be on the keywords you think it is


This is why you need a Traffic Trial.



Your Traffic Trial reduces – and often completely removes – the risk of online lead generation


A Peraffic Traffic Trial clears up all issues about cause-and-effect (by cause-and-effect we mean; if we do this, then that will happen).


After the trial you will understand that certain strategies always work, some strategies sometimes work, some strategies work but only for a while and some don't work at all. Assuming you care of course – most clients just leave it to us – but if you do like to know what's going on under the hood, we are happy to explain.


And a Peraffic Traffic Trial clears up all issues about traffic on relevant keywords: these keywords produce profitable traffic, these keywords are average, and these keywords are not commercially useful.


It is not uncommon for a Peraffic Traffic Trial to completely alter your understanding of what keywords will make you money online – you will discover traffic you never even imagined, and you'll abandon traffic you were previously convinced would be profitable.



Before you begin


To get started on a Traffic Trial, you provide us with only the following information:


  • Any websites you currently have (not required, but if you do, then we have the option of making the landing pages consistent with the look and feel of your current sites).
  • Ten to 25 keywords which you think are relevant to your services, grouped into three to five sets (or topics). Note that this information is normally an output of reviewing your Free Traffic Report, so if you've got this far, you've already got that information.


That's it!



If it's that easy, why don't we make that the first step?


Well, because that would be bad advice – you must request a Free Traffic Report first.


For the two reasons we mentioned above:


  • Reason #1: The cause-and-effect may not be understood
  • Reason #2: The traffic may not be on the keywords you think it is


And for two more reasons as well:


  • Reason #3: You don't know us and we don't know you (yet)
  • Reason #4: We may already be working with a direct local competitor


Sorry, but we are a loyal bunch.


If we are in partnership with you, it's hardly good form to help your opposition... but by that same rule, if your competition got to us first, well... we'll let you know, we'll opt out and... best of luck.


So, we don't go ahead with a Peraffic Traffic Trial unless the Free Traffic Report indicates that you can make money during the Trial, and profit from an ongoing campaign after the Trial concludes.


If you're reading this page AFTER you've received a Free Traffic Report, then, read on...


Your Free Traffic Report will have told you whether there is commercial traffic (Google searches), for keywords useful in generating leads for your business. And, whether your current online presence (your website, any advertising you may already be doing) is being interpreted correctly by Google, and is Google sending COMMERCIALLY RELEVANT traffic to your site.



Getting started


Your target keywords


To proceed with a Peraffic Traffic Trial, your Peraffic Consultant will go through the Free Traffic Report with you and help you select the initial sets of keywords, for which landing pages will be created.


Your Trial


Most Peraffic Traffic Trials consist of:


  • A series of three to five landing pages, each one optimised as a destination for a Google searcher searching for particular keyword sets
  • AdWords advertisements (Sponsored Links) driving traffic from those keywords to those landing pages
  • Calls to action that result in emails being sent your Inbox
  • Support pages: about us, contact us, privacy policy


The price


Traffic Trials range from $3,500 to $5,000 depending on the number of keyword sets and the amount of traffic indicated (less initial traffic means more  time spent hunting for more traffic, which increases the cost slightly). This includes an initial advertising budget (paid to Google).



Completing the Trial


Once the Trial is completed, and you are making money, then you can select a level of ongoing investment appropriate for the value of the enquiries you are receiving.


A higher spend attracts more leads (but with diminishing returns).


A lower investment attracts fewer leads.


For some companies that's a few dollars a month, for others it's hundreds or even thousands of dollars – it's up to you, based on the results.



Let's Get Started!


If you are speaking with a Peraffic Consultant right now, they will assist you in setting up your Peraffic Traffic Trial. If not, click here to book a consultation!




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