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What!? How much!?



Not a sales pitch


This page helps you understand and debate the value proposition with your Peraffic Consultant.


It's not a sales pitch as such although it contains a lot of the reasoning and logic that our salespeople will present.


We want you to understand what you are buying, and how passionate we are about giving good value and we want that understanding to be consistent, so we are publishing it here.


Risky? Maybe.


Unusual? Surely.


But we want this relationship to start on the right foot: open and honest.


So here goes...



Not a website!


Let's clarify one thing right now: We are not offering you a website. Not content management, not a website, not hosting, not a directory listing, not SEO (search engine optimisation), not web design, not whatever it is that your nephew can whip up in a couple of weeks for $500 (or for free).


We are offering you a lead generation engine.


The "website" is incidental basically a free side effect of the technical consulting. We have to put the landing pages somewhere, and it's better if they are grouped under a domain named after the most popular search term.


So the website is about 10% of the fee. We use a very fast, in-house method for creating the draft landing pages, and we group them into a single (usually) domain (website URL) for convenience. It's not a content management system, it's simple HTML rendered using an ASP content rendering system.


If you need to transfer the lead generation site into a content management system AFTER the pages have all settled down and it's making you money no problem we can do that for a modest extra charge.


The other 90% is best described this way: finding the waves and standing in front of them.


The purpose of the Traffic Trial is to cultivate a commercially viable stream of enquiries. It's an active process, not a passive one. (Passive would be putting up a site and seeing what happens; Active means going hunting!)


So what do we do for you?



Schedule of services normally used in a Traffic Trial


First: Set up the basic infrastructure


  • Buy a URL appropriate for the primary landing page
  • Create the site with the support pages and landing page(s) (draft content only at this stage)
  • Create an AdWords account for your campaign
  • Ensure you are listed with Google places (so your business address is recognised by Google)


Step 2: The Impression Test


  • Create an AdWords campaign with AdGroups for each of the landing pages
  • Create the ads (sponsored links)
  • Run the ads, monitor daily to ensure the impressions (ad displays) match the traffic estimates from the AdWords Keyword Tool
  • Manipulate the keyword sets to get adequate volumes of searches
  • Some clicks will occur, but enquiries are unlikely as the landing pages are still in draft form



Step 3: The Click Test


  • Replace keywords (or even entire sets) that failed the impression test
  • Update landing page content to increase keyword relevance and ensure visitors are understanding correctly what the business is about
  • Continue the ads, monitor the click through rates (i.e. clicks on sponsored links to arrive on the landing pages)
  • Tune the keyword sets and landing page content to maintain Google Quality Scores and keep the click costs down
  • More clicks will occur, and some enquiries will occur, although they are likely to be off-topic or off-demographic as yet there is a need to add filters to correct this, once it's clear which keywords produce the clicks


Step 4: The Conversion Test


  • Replace keywords (or even entire sets) that failed the click test
  • Update ads and landing page content to filter out unwanted enquiries
  • Continue the ads, monitor the click through rates and conversion rates
  • Tune the keyword sets and landing page content to maintain Google Quality Scores and keep the click costs down
  • More enquiries will occur, and the quality of those enquiries will improve as more filters are added



Step 5: Complete the Trial


  • Continue the ads, improving the results with each iteration
  • When the initial AdWords budget (included in the fixed fee) is 80% expended, book a meeting with you to review the results, and get your feedback about the sales you've achieved
  • Make recommendations as to the ongoing monthly AdWords budget, based on the actual results


From this point, your monthly spend is entirely at your discretion based on the results.


We have a few lead generation sites that have a monthly budget of $0.00 i.e. the ads are turned off and all enquiries come from the free side of Google. For those clients, we host the site for free; the only cost is the $10-70/year domain name registration fee.


We have a few sites where the monthly budget is over $1,000 and the sites are producing leads and sales appropriate for that level of investment.


It really is up to you to choose, based on the results.



"I can get all that for 1/3 of the money"


Why not just get your niece with her new IT degree to whip up a site for you in her spare time?


Why not buy a hosted content management account for $50/month and do it yourself?


Well, we do this for a living, so assume for the moment we are not incompetent at writing web pages that attract traffic... if we could do it in a few hours... wouldn't we just do that and charge you accordingly?


Take another look at the effort we put in to tracking down the traffic for you. And that's skilled effort by effective people who do this every day. A few hours to whip up a quick site and run a few ads just won't cut it. You get what you pay for, and if you are paying under $2,000 you are simply not buying enough expertise to make sure it's done right.


Furthermore, with us it's a fixed fee. If it takes us longer than usual to find the traffic for you, that's our problem, not yours.


We are passionate about this and we don't like to fail; I guess we see ourselves as the knights in shining armour, slaying the internet marketing dragon, and we don't like to lose!


You won't have to hassle us to get us to perform; we will be on the case for you, and we are persistent. If there's traffic, we'll find it, and you'll profit from it.



"Ok I believe you, but I don't have that much to invest right now... how about results-based?"


Well, results-based projects transfer risk from you, to us. So our reward must be appropriately higher.


  • We might have to wait a while for you to make sales
  • We are not in control of your sales process
  • We have no way to assess your conversion skills
  • Now we are investing in marketing your business and you are not investing at all!


So a results-based agreement can be reached provided the above concerns are addressed, and our rewards are appropriately increased. About 20% of our projects have been wholly or partially results-based.


The logic is simple: I invest every day in my business in ways that you would not, because I get the ongoing benefit that you do not. You also invest every day in your business in ways that don't interest me, because I do not get the ongoing benefit of those investments.


In this project, you get the lead generation benefit, ongoing, from the successful campaign. If you check out our case studies, you'll see that some of our clients are getting huge returns if you want us to share the investment risk, you must also share that reward.


And given the potential upside, most clients prefer to take the risk now, and keep all the reward!



"Ok, but I still don't have that much to invest right now is there a budget version?"


Yes. Sort of. There are two options:


You could partition the project into the stages above, giving you earlier exit points if you become uncomfortable with the projected results.


You could narrow the project to one keyword set, and conduct a very limited pre-trial test. If the test is successful, then you would upgrade to the proper traffic trial. This may then be an acceptable investment, as your risk will be lower after the test.


Both options end up costing more overall, but reduce your risk by allowing you to get out with less invested if you don't like where it's going. Your Peraffic Consultant will help you formulate a customised proposal for your situation, and may need to consult with the technical team in order to complete a customised agreement with you.



If you're not sure, ask us!


We don't bite and we are happy to discuss our services with you, and even build a proposal unique to your situation. Your Peraffic Consultant will assist you.




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