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Peraffic is a trademark of ViAGO Limited, and Peraffic is ViAGO's team of online lead generation specialists. ViAGO is a member of the COGITA Group of Companies.



Our Vision


Our Vision, the way we we'd like things to be, the direction we are headed in...


Freedom for anyone who wants it


You know how people get into business thinking...


"In 7 years I'll have this humming along nicely and I'll be able to 'semi-retire'; spend more time with family and work on projects I enjoy..." and then...


20 years later they're still just 7 more years from achieving that outcome...


So what ViAGO does is help people realise that dream of freedom, quickly.



Our Mission


ViAGO team members are entrepreneurs who are committed to the creation and teaching of simple, practical, fundamental principles of personal freedom. We will work within our 7 Points of Culture to ensure that anyone we interact with enjoys the contact and feels that they are moving closer to their goals.


We are creating a set of simple processes that will allow anyone to generate their own freedom programme, and implement that plan knowing that the basic principles are sound, and that their lives can change, rapidly and irreversibly.


We give our clients concrete, simple, logical steps with clear, inevitable outcomes.


We educate ourselves, our clients and all those we work with. We are ferocious readers – we know all the answers are already out there, and we help you to find them.


ViAGO’s clients are people who are motivated to improve their lives. They are enthusiastic and willing to listen to the experiences of others in order to progress faster.



Peraffic's Role in the ViAGO Mission


ViAGO clients generally resolve their internal constraints quite quickly; whether they were manufacturers, distributors, retailers, services, importers, pretty soon the constraint is always: the market.


In our endless drive to find ways to help clients grow their market; grow sales and margins; it was inevitable that we would have to explore Internet Marketing.


Peraffic is the ViAGO Solution to growing sales through online lead generation.


Consequently, Peraffic's role in the above mission is clear: we are dedicated to moving you closer to your goals (especially freedom), with simple, logical steps solidly rooted in cause-and-effect transitions. We can also assist you beyond our marketing brief by calling on the full power of the ViAGO systems, to ensure you maximise your return on investment.




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