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Traffic... Enquiries... Leads... Sales.



What Peraffic does...


1. Check the traffic | make a go/no-go recommendation


Our first assignment for you is usually quick and simple.


And free of charge.


We check the traffic stats.


When you request a Free Traffic Report, you'll go in the queue (be patient, we get up to 15 free report requests per week) and a few days later your Free Traffic Report will be ready.


The Free Traffic Report assesses three criteria:


  1. Traffic: is there enough relevant traffic to generate profitable leads
  2. Competition: are competitors already pursuing the traffic (good indicates commercial viability) and/or pushing up the costs (bad makes it harder to profit from the leads)
  3. Your site: If you have a current site, is Google sending the right traffic to it, and enough of that traffic (your fair share)


We do not sell services unless we can give a fixed price, and we cannot fix the price if we don't know the above, or if we find out that the traffic is poor.


Assuming the Free Traffic Report gives us (Peraffic and You) confidence that it is safe enough and commercially sensible to proceed, then the next step is...



2. Trial the traffic | prove commercial viability


Our first paid assignment is analogous to putting a full-colour advertisement in an industry-appropriate magazine... except that our assignments ALWAYS generate a response, in the form of email enquiries.


The purpose of the Peraffic Traffic Trial is to determine:


  • What traffic (keywords) are most useful (volume and quality)
  • What is the cost-of-acquisition of each enquiry
  • Your conversion rate from enquiries generated this way: can you profit from the enquiry stream
  • What filters best increase your success rates


None of those objectives were simple with the old magazine ads approach!


This takes all the guesswork away from your ongoing campaign: now you know what works, and at what cost.



3. Ongoing campaign | endless stream of enquiries, leads, sales


Now you are in the driver's seat.


Your Peraffic Online Marketing Campaign extends the Peraffic Traffic Trial in whatever fashion makes most sense based on the data from the trial.


You decide: will you add more pages? Target more keywords? Split your targeting geographically or demographically?


Either way, we will support you to ensure a return on your investment and a profitable, endless stream of leads.




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